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5th studio album from Le Peuple

WAV (44 khz 16 bits) & MP3 (44 khz CBR 320 kbps) vaerions


WAV (44 khz 16 bits) et MP3 (44 khz CBR 320 kbps) - 13 Tracks - 2009 - DISCOGRAPH/BONEPLAK



01 . Heart and soul
02 . Brick by Brick
03 . L'esprit d'une epoque
04 . Look up !
05 . Pretty bad drug
06 . Matchbox
07 . Supabreakin'
08 . Swamp
09 . Get stronger
10 . Green card
11 . Nightmare
12 . Back against the wall
13 . Catch up

The 5th album of Le Peuple, less conceptual than the one before, is still one hell of a musical journey, compact and acute, subtle and cross-syle, hardly classable, which perfectly sums-up the story of the band and their collective adventure: Chris is still producing and coming-up with mysterious sounds, Dj Pee on the turntables, N’Zeng on trumpet, Psychostick on drums, Spagg on bass, everyone adding their thing and their mastering of the machines; and Jc001 and Sir Jean (Franco-Senegalese) on the mic and writing the lyrics, plus two or three close friends all constitute the daily life of the band and keep the business running. Add to that the newcomer Der Kommissar in charge of the artwork for the record sleeves, and you will have the winning team of this album, more strong, beautiful and surprising than ever, made by a band with a burning flame of passion and anger…

Cyrille Bonin

Artwork : Der Kommissar