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Next Level WAV

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Le Peuple's 7th album ! - 2014

WAV (44 khz 16 bits) version


WAV (44 khz 16 bits) - 12 tracks - BONEPLAK/VERYCORDS 2014


1. It Won't Make No Difference
2. Soya Green
3. Sing My Song
4. Mon Etoile Rouge
5. Le Boom
6. What A Shame
7. Mogador
8. La Lune Est Croche
9. Tell The DJ…
10. Rude Bwoy
11. Class War
12. C  Comme Ça


7 !!

Le Peuple de l'Herbe continues & gives us one of His most complete album. Electronic, Oriental, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Rock, HipHop & Soundtrack Music influences that have established the collective's reputation are still the main ingredient & all hit the blender as ever but the still evolving band also explores new sonic territories & the outcome is a very good one :

On this new LP, Cajun Style, Heartfelt Ballad or even Dance Music are unexpectedly approached. What we first notice notice is the newly but perfectly integrated use of the guitar. The sound is resolutely modern & up-to-date but Le Peuple de l'Herbe's magic touch is also here, clearly recognisable. Unclassifiable instrumental tracks as varied as ever link up with vocal ones by the group londoner' MC JC001 & two guests : Marc Nammour (La Canaille) & Louis Michot(Lost Bayou Ramblers).

This 7th album, classic but also modern, familiar yet unknown is reassuring & disconcerting at the same time... welcome to Le Peuple de l'Herbe's next level !

Laurille Bozine


The first 4000 exs of the CD Digipack have a surprise inside, directly inspired by a famous magazine for youngsters of the 70s/80s...

The 2xLP version contains a download card.


Artwork : Ko Kimura

WAV Next Level